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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Raise Awareness

Pancreatic Cancer awareness bracelet designed with purple glass beads and purple enamel ribbons.

Show your support for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness with this purple glass beaded stretch bracelet.  It is created with facet cut purple glass beads and purple enamel ribbons. Proceeds go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to help support cancer research, patient support, community outreach, and the advocacy for a cure.  Help support our mission to find a cure. 

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Show Your Support

Support Pancreatic Cancer awareness and show you support.

This year an estimated 46,420 adults in the U.S. will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. It is estimated that 39,590 deaths from this disease will occur this year. Pancreatic Cancer is the ninth most common cancer in woman, and the fourth leading cause of cancer in men and woman. Pancreatic Cancer can be difficult to diagnose because at this time there are no specific, cost-effective screening tests that can easily and reliably find early stage Pancreatic Cancer in people who have symptoms of this disease. This results in it being discovered in the later stages when the cancer can no longer be removed with surgery and has spread to other parts of the body.   

Never Give Up Hope

Join us in supporting Pancreatic Cancer awareness.  Show support and raise awareness.

 Please join us in supporting Pancreatic Cancer awareness.  Show our loved ones that we will fight alongside them in this battle. Show them that they count in a life worth fighting for. These bracelets not only remind us of the ones we love, but remind those around us that we are proactive in finding answers that can lead to earlier diagnosis, better treatment, and a higher survival rate.  

Having witnessed this painful battle firsthand when someone very close was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, we have seen the need for more research, further drug testing, and early detection.  The lack of funds severely impacts these necessary requirements to fight this cancer.  We realize more needs to be achieved to save lives of those we love, and we will continue to support this mission until it is finally achieved.   Thank you for your support. 

"A ribbon a day means a cure is not far away" - Jessica